Mandela’s Birthday

Mandela’s birthday

On the 18th July the Railway Institute restuarant hosted a breakfast and lunch for ANC deligates in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

The day consisted of 67 minutes to do good for the community. The 67 minutes program was a government inspired idea to encourage people to do something for their community.


Noupoort welcomed a visit from Dipua Peter, minister of energy who came to join the effort and celebrations. Her role for the day was contributing to the painting of the houses in the location. The minister  travelled from the national offices in Pretoria to attend this event.


The railway institute was used as a holding room to welcome minister Dipua and also to do the briefings for the event. After the work task had been completed a luncheon was held, which was marvelous and enjoyable.

The goal of doing good for the community for 67 minutes was reached and thanks was also given to N.C.C.C for preparing and serving breakfast and lunch.


From now on the 67 minutes program is going to happen every year on the 18 July as a country wide benefit for the community.
This year we identified 8 houses which needed to be painted and cleaned, these houses were all owned by elderly people in the community that needed the assistance.
The communities response was one of positivity and more than 200 people participated in this act.


The Noupoort municipality and N.C.C.C will be working hand in hand to assist and uplift the community by giving back what has been given to us.

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