This drug is a synthetic form of Heroin and was seriously abused over the years. It also led to
many deaths because of overdosing. Welcanol was known during the eighties as the South
African Heroin (Pink Heroin). Welcanol is a schedule 7 tablet and can only be obtained with a
prescription from a doctor. During the eighties was this drug popular among the drug abusers,
because of the fact that Cocaine and Heroin were very scarce in South Africa.



If it is used correctly as medication, it is taken orally and is used as a strong painkiller for people
like cancer sufferers. The person that misuses this medication uses it by crushing it, mixing it
with water, drawing it up in a syringe and injecting himself / herself. When the tablet is dissolved
in water it has a “pink” appearance and was known on street level as “Pinks”. The popularity of
“Pinks” has watered down over the years because of the fact that various people died from
overdosing. When Heroin became more freely available in South Africa in the nineties, it
replaced “Pinks”.


Because it is a chalk based tablet it solidifies in the veins leading to heart failure. Respiritory
failure is also common amongst users.


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