This page is dedicated to the residents which have successfully completed the required 52 weeks, these residents will all recieve their Merit certificates as a result of successfully completing 20 weeks at Noupoort in the first phase of the program, aswell as successfully completing 20 weeks in CIARA Middleton in the second phase of the program. These residents have then come back to Noupoort to serve as Senior residents, where they set examples and lead the new comers on the program. This being the 3rd phase is then completed after 12 weeks.

Residents then have the opportunity to stay on for another 52 weeks FREE of charge without any incumbrances to the family/sponsor with regard to finances.  Each trainee staff memeber will be payed according to the stipulated duties and responsibilties of the individual.  This oppurtunity allows them to give back and provide support to the residents as working training staff on the program, as well as learning new skills in the work environment.  Persons completing the second year will be given a Diploma certificate, recieve a qualification of Drug Counselor / Care Giver, aswell as recieving a life time guarantee, that if ever they relapse and need rehabilitation, Noupoort Christian Care Centre will accept them back at no cost.





Feel free to contact us regarding any queries you might have. Noupoort Christian Care Center is here to help you through any addiction related issues, phone now to speak to one of our trained consultants. Comments or questions are welcome.

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