Art Workshop 2009

Art Workshop 2009

In May 2009 we visited the in Middleburg as part of a class outing to gain more experience in different fields as well as learn different techniques.


In the morning we sketched a portrait and a ‘still life’ after learning about highlights, shadows and facial geometry. After a quick break we attended a class on landscape painting, where we learnt a technique that was simple yet effective in producing a mind blowing landscape. In less than 10 minutes. Seeing this has helped me realize that art doesn’t have to be perfect but can be twisted to your own interpretation of what is seen.


After lunch we continued work on our portraits and by throwing orange paint into the mix and adding a couple of shadows here and there the picture finally started resembling the model and in the end it came right.
We learned a huge amount, the day was very enjoyable and fun was had by all.


In May, our art class had the privilege of attending an art workshop, over a period of 2 days, in Middleburg.
The experience was very exciting. We learnt how to use different types of paints as well as various drawing techniques.

My personal favorite (other than Professor Paul!) was another exceptionally talented artist, who gave us a teaching on how to use water colour paint. He totally wowed the crowd that attentively watched as he carefully explained in detail how it is done. The result- an absolutely mind blowing painting! We learnt a lot and were all amazed at the talent we saw!

While drawing a portrait of a woman, who has to sit extremely still (something I could never do for that long!) I even had the opportunity to be individually assisted – this was a great help, as it was the first time I had ever attempted to draw a portrait.
After we enjoyed the delicious lunch provided by the workshop, we received a teaching on the use of acrylic paints from an extremely talented lady, who was in fact running the workshop. She would start out with crazy strokes of different colours and within a few minutes, she would transform what appeared to be total chaos – into this beautiful painting of flowers.


We even had the opportunity to sit outside in the open air, drawing anything we wanted to. Most of us chose the church while others drew sections of the street we were sitting in. People passing by could not help but stop to look at what we were drawing. Later, Professor took us down the road and around the corner to draw a picture of a synagogue. We sat next to what appeared to be a children’s home and most of the children watched in amazement as our class sat drawing.

It was an inspiring outing and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you to Professor Paul who made it possible, and to Mrs. Visser for joining in the fun.


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