The Projects

The Projects


The Farm

The farm owned by NCCC is run under the capable hands of the farm manager. Under his guidance and leadership the farm is the very first project after orientation that the male residents will be part of.

It is vital in the recovery of the residents to spend time doing physical work and also working in an outdoor environment. Residents can live on the farm after a period of time if they show responsibility and a willingness to want to recover. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the animals on the farm(pigs, sheep, chickens) are fed and well cared for.

The sheep project is one of the larger projects, which involves taking the sheep out each day to an allocated camp on the farm. They are returned to their shed at noon and are counted daily. We believe the farm is there to serve two purposes:

One being to support the centre with what is necessary to feed the residents and the staff. At the moment fruits like grapes and peaches, as well as basic vegetables like cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions are being grown, we intend to grow a larger variety in due time. In addition, expand to a greenhouse / nursery for seedling flowers / vegetables and kitchen herbs.


The second being for spiritual upliftment of the residents, giving them time to see God in nature, thereby allowing to draw closer to Him. At the same time doing physical work to strengthen the body and build up a self worth.




The Kitchen

The kitchen team is responsible for the feeding of the residents. Feeding from 120 – 180 people every day, three times a day is no easy task.

They have a large responsibility as they have to make sure that everyone in NCCC is fed as well as the different colonies, such as Midlandia, Dog House and Farm.


The preparation for the meals is done by the residents who enjoy giving a helping hand to the kitchen team who are up early for breakfast and only leave when all duties have been fulfilled.

The kitchen team is constantly surprising us with awesome cuisine.





For the first two weeks the residents go through a phase of orientation by which they are prepared for the program at NCCC.

During orientation the residents watch spiritual DVD’s and are involved in therapeutically writing exercises including life story assignments.


A staff member is assigned to orientation to support and guide the new residents; the staff member will explain the rules and share from his or her own experiences in order to encourage the new residents to make the best of the program within a framework of rules and requirements.


Orientation is one of the most important steps of the program. It is where the new residents prepare themselves for a spiritual journey and face their denial.

The Restaurant

The Railway Institute Restaurant is situated just approximately 300m from the NCCC building, it is owned by the NCCC ministry, and is run by residents on the program.

The restaurant team make an array of different foods, ranging from Pizza’s, Pasta’s, Burgers to Bunny-chows and our infamous Chocolate brownies.As well as our famous T-Bone steaks.


The restaurant caters for the locals of Noupoort, visitors and parents, as well as allowing residents to place take-away orders during lunch to receive at dinner.



The Dog Team


Dog team members undergo a training program, reinforced through informed video footage.
This is done under supervision of Morné, an expert on breeding and handling of pit bulls.
Further training/duties for dog team members consist of the following:

a) Maintenance of dogs
b) Feeding schedules
c) Nutritional input
d) Health concerns
e) Temperament
f) Handling
g) Treatment
h) Supervision of daily dog walk


When talking about “Dog therapy”, this refers to dog team members.
Residents on the dog team have the opportunity to care for something other than themselves.

The dog team members are trained (giving them a sense of accomplishment, to be able to handle these dogs and are taught to be responsible for animals that are totally dependent on them for their care.


We have also found that residents with withdrawal, insecurity and fear to trust people, can relate better to an animal that accepts them unconditionally.

This is beneficial to the emotional healing process and gives them the confidence to start reaching out to people as well.





Noupoort Christian Care Centre and its surrounding workstations and living spaces require continuous maintenance and running repairs.

The Project leaders, Monitors and residents do all the maintenance work under the guidance of a
staff member.


Residents learn to work as a team, and get to feel good about themselves as a sense of accomplishment is met once they complete various projects. Letting them discover that they can become dependable and reliable individuals.

Residents who have never worked in their lives can learn a new trade; be it plumbing, painting, electrical or general maintenance work.




The woodwork shop is yet another of our projects in Noupoort it gives both opportunity and learning experience to residents who show interest in woodwork.

The woodwork shop is fully equipped with the necessary machinery to make all types of furniture
and wooden articles.


Not only do we have the more high profile projects, such as dog team and administration, but behind the scenes operations are vital too.

Residents at Midlandia take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the ministry vehicles.



Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is where the creative skills by the girls are put to the test. The residents really enjoy the bead-work, painting, mosaics, sculptors and tie-dying which the Staff member guides them through.


Helping residents find their true creative spirit. The environment is very healing and therapeutic, where the residents can realize their true potential.

Despite the perception that art is an undisciplined activity, its rather proved to be very disciplined, which the residents are taking out onto other projects.




Here are some real people with real stories and how their lives have changed since attending Noupoort Christian Care Centre.


Below please find our contact details should you wish to contact us. Please note our admission cellphone number listed below is available 24 hours 7 days a week.


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