Crack Cocaine Abuse


Crack Cocaine is a crystal that is derived by mixing normal Cocaine Hydrochloride with
Bicarbonate of Soda and putting it through a chemical process whereby the crystals are formed.
Only a small amount of Cocaine is needed to make a large quantity of Crack Crystals. These
crystals can be found in various sizes and forms, namely:

- "Golf Balls"
- "Half-moons"
- "Rocks" : Street Level



The rock / crack is usually smoked by means of a pipe that is called a "Rock pipe". The most
common form of a Rock pipe is a glass tube that contains a copper wire filter. The rock is
placed on the filter and then burnt with a lighter. As soon as the gasses are released it is



Because of the fact that Crack is smoked it means that it is absorbed in the lungs that contains
a lot of oxygen rich blood. This helps the drug to be absorbed much faster in the body that
makesthe "Rush" very intense. Crack has the same side effects as Cocaine Powder even
though aperson does not overdose easily on Crack Cocaine. It is important to note that the
level ofaddiction is much higher than that of Cocaine Powder.



- Runny nose
- Bleeding nose
- He / She sniffs continuously
- Weight loss
- Hyperactivity
- Paranoia
- Somnolence
- Aggression
- Nervous disorder
- Excessive self confidence anxiety attacks - the crack user is often found looking for
microscopically small pieces of "Rock" that might have been lost
"Crack Thumb" - burst open calluses on thumb.



- Test tubes
- Small steel pipes
- Pieces of mesh wire
- Rectangular pieces of plastic
- From shopping bags (Snatch)
- Empty cigarette lighters
- Electrical cords that are cut open to remove the copper wire for filters
- Copper pot scourers

PRICE:  R40 - R120   (depending on the size of the "Rock")



Cocaine does not only cause a breakdown in family standards, but causes people to be
financially ruined because after using it for the first time they come back for more and more.
It was found during interviews with people in Johannesburg that they have seen persons
that arrive with a Porsche and then after three months find the person as a total hobo on street
where he has lost all his money because of Cocaine.

Cocaine, more specifically Crack Cocaine, is the drug of choice amongst prostitutes. It is due to
the fact that it provides them with high levels of energy and breaks down all their inhibitions that
make their sex work easier. Cocaine holds a serious danger for prostitutes, due to the fact that
this psychological change breaks down their inhibitions. They are caught in a web where they
need the drug to do their work and need the work to get the drug. This is in such cases where
the prostitutes are in debt with the smugglers and cannot pay their debts anymore. It has been
reported by "The House" in Hillbrow that in some cases prostitutes use as much as R30 000
worth of Crack Cocaine a month. When the effect has worn off it is found that these ladies sell
themselves for sex to between 15 and 25 men per day to be able to finance their drug habits.

Some of these ladies that became involved with the Nigerians, who act as their so-called
"Pimps",and are paid with drugs, soon experience problems because they develop serious
cash flow problems. It is then that they start selling sex to men without using condoms that
causes serious social deviation, namely the spreading of HIV and Aids.




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