Letters we Receive


Letters we receive

Grateful – 11/12/2020

Pastor Pia and Clifford

Today is my last day at NCCC and I would sincerely lke to thank you and all the staff, leadrship and residents for the year.

The guy that came in isn’t the one leaving today.   NCCC has helped me to change bad habits, develop my character and to come closer to Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all that you do for us as residents even though some people don’t see it.   I do, and I really appreciate it.

The chance that NCCC has given to me to change and become my better self is one that only God could have ordained and for this I’m very thankful.

I would highy recommend NCCC to others because only through the strength of Jesus Christ can you really change, and this place this place has helped me to realise this.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.

Pastor Pia and Clifford – thank you.

Brandon Jaffer


Humble experience


Concerned rehabilitated addict

Hi there pastor,my name is Francois and I am a rehabilitated addict, I was in a rehab that use a twelve step program and I’m truly concerned of what they thought me there.I truly believe that Jesus Christ is the only hope that the addict has and as John 8:36 says, ‘If the son then sets you free,you will be free indeed’ !

I met one of your patients when i was in rehab, Sean, and he gave me his extreme teen Bible and although I’m not saved yet, I really experience God working in my life! I don’t want to preach against something like A.A or N.A but because I believe in the power of one’s words it really concerns me that each time I go to a meeting I have to state that I am an addict/alcoholic and that i will be one for the rest of my life! This is a massive contradiction to me because as I understand it,I will be a slave to addiction for the rest of my life (even if I’m not using) and I quote from the N.A guide : What makes us addicts,is the disease of addiction,not the drugs,not our behavior,but our disease! Didn’t Jesus say that he came to heal the sick,to release the captives and to be a shelter to the poor? Of course He did,then how can this guide tell me that I will have a disease for the rest of my life? Do you understand the huge contradiction I’m faced with, I’m so confused !

Please can you share your thoughts with me concerning this matter!

Many Thanx


Thank you


For just over a year now, Lloyd has been in your care and guidance, and I have seen a remarkable change in him. He is taking responsibility and he has changed back to the old Lloyd. The Lloyd we knew before the evil of drugs took over his life.

This was demonstrated when someone walked into my office a few days ago, he has a brother who is an addict, and has been for years. His parents have tried everything and all the other rehab centers, and nothing has worked. I have often over the past year told him that there is only one place where he would be rescued, and that is Noupoort. Finally his mother decided to phone Noupoort, she was understandably anxious (from the recent stuff with her child, and the TOTALLY misguided and unfair public reputation of Noupoort. He told me, she had spoken to this amazing young guy, who reassured her, who factually told her why Noupoort would be the right place for her son, he was in a very subtle way promoting Noupoort. She put the phone down and felt relieved, her fears about Noupoort, put to rest. (sadly they can not afford to send Robert to you)

The young man that answered the phone was Lloyd. I got tears in my eyes when I was told this. This is incredible for Lloyd to promote Noupoort, and he did so with conviction. And the only reason he was able to do this, is because of what YOU have done for him. Your relentless and passionate commitment to save people.

Now it is time for me to thank you for what you have done. To thank all the people at Noupoort for what they have done to save his life and give him a new lease on life, to enable him to reach his full potential, whatever that might be. You are an amazing organization

And KNOW you are making a difference to the lives of people.

I do hope Lloyd decides to stay the extra year and give back to the community, it is the right thing. It may sound odd, but I have not asked him or threatened him, like I did in the past, I hope he will tell me, it has to be his decision and I pray he makes the right decision

Kind Regards


Letter of apology

Dear Pastor Sophos and staff of NCCC/Middleton.

I would like to apologise for my behaviour whilst I was in NCCC and CIARA Middleton and ask that you would accept my forgiveness.

I would like to thank you all for the input you have put into my life for the past two years and for helping find myself through Christ, you have taught me alot of things I never knew, like how valuable I am in the eyes of God and loved by Him. I may not have completed the program successfully, but I feel I have received enough knowledge to a certain extent so that I can being a life in the world but only with the help of my saviour Jesus and everyday I learn something new and that’s what is so amazing.

After my departure from MIddleton, my family thought I was not going to make it, but I have realised how important life is to me now and I as a recovering addict have got to share with other addicts what Christ can do, He saved me, He can save anyone. I will never ever in my life forget that verse: Phil 4:13 – I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. I know I can do this, I have the support of my family and they are slowly beginning to trust me again which is a pray being answered.

You guys are doing an amazing job there and I believe that God will reward you for your obedience. I wish nothing but the best for you and the ministry.

I want to thank all the staff for believing me and putting so much effort into recovery even when I was rebellious, I know I gave you guys alot of problems but in the end all I can say is you’ve all had a big impact in my life, especially Oom Deon and Tannie Gerda. Thank you for believing in me.

I will always be eternally grateful for the opportunity that was giving to me to find Christ my Saviour.

I pray that you will all be blessed and the ministry.

Sincere apologies.

Kind Regards



I must say the N.C.C.C. website has grown impressively and it is inspiring to see the perseverance that Gladys and yourself portray to the world in the name of Jesus in the continued fight to bring hope to those stuck in addiction.

I’m sure you will appreciate feedback from even the ‘rebel’ children that have passed through your doors. Well here’s a little of how I am doing:

I have had a fall here and there. Given into temptation and bumped my head time and again. The thing is like Jonah I never manage to run away from God. And to think that he is gracious enough to send the whale around more than once is… … I don’t even have a word for it. I’ve become tired of being in the desolation of the whales stomache and have stopped running and doing things on my own strength using my own ideas. My pastor from the AGS where I stay asked me the other day, “So has God moved that mountain of yours? (referring to the drugs)”. I replied, “Yes; but there are so many new mountains that need moving.”
What a care free live I had with the only worry of the next fix to escape the torment. Now, there are new mountains to face. Real life obstacles put in my way to prepare me for the Kingdom. How to love your wife. How to care for your children – How to be self sacrificing. How much easier it was to just use drugs and selfishly care for ourselves – Pay the rent. Buy the groceries. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Yes I am a taxpayer too. All I can say is that the tools I received at Noupoort came from God:

The Helmet of Salvation
The Breastplate of Righteousness
The Belt of Truth
The Sword of the Spirit
The Sandals of the Gospel

Only with these and the blood of Jesus have I come this far. I have since completed my Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree and will be attending the graduation ceremony in June with my parents. I am now working for PricewaterhouseCoopers, doing my final year of articles. At the end of June I will be transferring to our Menlyn office and while living in Pretoria I will be attending church at the Pretoria North AGS or the church Jaqui van Wyk attends in Wonderboom South. I will see when I get there.

My apologies for my past actions at Noupoort. I was there in person a while ago, but just missed you.

God bless you Pastor and Gladys
For you I pray for health
I pray for guidance
And I pray for protection from the ongoing attacks

I won’t however pray for perseverance because both of you are already has hard as oxen. Haha. That’s something that I really need prayer for.

So in Jesus name
Thank You



Drear Pastor Sophos and NCCC Team

NCCC are a battle field between good and evil, your team will overcome all attacks on the good that’s being done at NCCC. The media will never understand or cover the story from another perspective. I can testify that your centers basis is that has saved my life, Jesus Christ is alive and in front fighting the battle against drugs with you.

I believe that your team will continuo to do what you do to take people out of the devils control. The four short months I spend at NCCC including the 28 day’s in CI has been the base to get my life in order. I found Jesus again during this time at NCCC, if it has not been for that I don’t believe I would have been able to get trough these last two years to slowly put my life together.

Yes sir, I made a judgment error in August two years ago, the devil robed me from time I could have spend learning more about Jesus and my self, and I made one of the biggest mistake’s leaving on that day, I was so close to Middleton and could have spend that time so much more constructively.

I presume you don’t talk to any person that ran away, that’s fine sir. Just know that even though I only spend a short time with your center it helped me get up every time I fell over the last few years and having the base of Jesus Christ in my life has been the only reason I am alive today.

I am with you and your team in spirit and the nonsense on TV last night will keep coming as I am sure you’re aware as you have fought this battle for a long time. But at the end we as Warriors of Christ will win the war! I know that the base of your program is the only way to bring someone from the darkness we found our self’s in before we walked trough the doors at NCCC.

Maintain the strength and believe and as your slogan say, Phil 4:13!

Best Regards,


Hallo Clifford!

I sat in the church Sunday and was totally overwhelmed by the ‘sharing’ stories and realized that each person has his/her terrifying story to tell! I felt such a deep sense of understanding and wanted to reach out and touch each and every Noupoort resident and tell them that they are special, even though they don’t believe it themselves.

I was thinking that I wanted to share as well, but felt it wasn’t my place as those special people have so much hurt and fear in their lives and that they needed sharing much more than I did. Hope it makes sense to you 

But I am going to share now via e-mail, and maybe next time you could share it with all.

Hallo, I am Maryke and my husband, Elmore and me have been in the program for six months now and what an amazing journey. What started as the most difficult and scary decision in my life turned into the biggest wonder in my life!

Last year I was feeling like a bystander, watching my life fall to pièces. I was busy losing my husband and my son. I felt as if I was in a whirlpool from which I would never escape. Everyday was like a battlefield in my house. And not just the battlefield between me and my son, a battlefield between my son and my husband, me and my husband and worst of all, the battle raging in my head. I could not sleep and then again, I could not be awake.

I was totally lost. Two people who I love dearly were drifting further away by the second.

One day, after a tremendous battle I went on my knees for the first time in years. I told God that I was tired and did not have the strength to keep the peace in my house anymore. Everything was spiraling out of control and I did not know what to do. I told him that I am going to give all of this over to Him and that He should take control. I had nothing more to give and the worst was realizing that I did not know what to give anymore. I ended my prayer with these words: “Here, waar u my lei, sal ek gaan. Ek sal myself neerlê by U besluite en dit deurvoer.”

But, it did not seem as if God was really interested in my problem. I still felt lost and alone. But I was wrong. God put people on my path and they directed us to church. And the very first day I went, God had a special message for me: “Everything will work according to My plan”

But there is a Thomas of little fait in each one of us. That little voice that tells you that God will not listen. God will not help. And yes, I felt that way as well.

But, I had good reason to feel that way. Because, even though I was committed to church, Elmore did not get better. He actually went from bad to worse. The verse “Bring die kindertjies na my toe” kept on refraining in my head and I could not understand. I brought Elmore, I was praying, crying, fighting, but nothing was getting beter!

Then God sent my eldest son with a message “Ma, Elmore het hulp nodig.”

As if I did not know that! And my eldest son told me to put Elmore into Noupoort. However, I could not. I was still thinking that I could fix this. I could take away Elmore’s pain and hurt. I could heal him and that when I’ve done it, Elmore will be fine again.

But i was wrong. Elmore drifted even further away. Then I called my father. I said to him, “Pa, ek het nou alles probeer om vir Elmore te help, maar ek weet nie verder nie.”

I did not even have to say anything further. My dad was just waiting for my call! How amazing was that?! He has already contacted someone who has been in Noupoort and has already made an appointment with him for us.

My husband and I went through and spoke to Jannie Dreyer. What a wonderful God given helping hand! All the arrangements were made, and Elmore was sent to Noupoort.

He did not know that he was on his way to Noupoort, he was under the impression that he was on his way to Danabaai for a holiday.

I was so scared that he would hate me for what I’ve done.

But God knows his children. He knew that Elmore has a wonderfully understanding spirit in his heart and Elmore realized that this was the best for him.

At first, I know it was difficult for him, but later on, he just went for it! I can see that he is happy, even though Noupoort is a hectic place. He has actually started laughing and joking again – something that I missed for over a year in my house. What a joy that is to me! I can see that he has taken responsibility for himself and his future and I know that nothing will be able to hold him back.

I am proud of him! I know now that I did not have the right ‘equipment’ to help in. I knew that he had it in him, but he just needed a little nudge in the right direction and that is what Noupoort gave him.

I want to say thank you, first to God! Thank you for the doors you opened for my son and me. Thank you for all the wonderful helping hands You gave. Thank you God for listening and acting in such a wondrous way.

Then I want to say Thank you to Elmore. Elmore, the light of my life, thank you for your positive spirit and the way you turned a negative into a wonder. Thank you for your smile this weekend. Thank you for talking to me and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for saying you are sorry. Thank you for saying thank you.

I want to thank Noupoort for being there. Each and every one of you. Thank you for offering up your time and life to help others. God will bless you all.

For each resident in Noupoort I want to say:

You are going through a very difficult time in your life. What you should remember is that it was your choices that opened the door of Noupoort to you. Do not fight it, because it is God’s way of telling you that He cares! He cared enough to bring you to Him at Noupoort and that it is now your chance to open your heart and take Him in. He is knocking, all you have to do is to open the door.

You are all special. Each one of you. From the beautiful lady that had the abortion to the smart and witty young man who is HIV positive.

Each one here is hand picked. Of all the addicts out there, you were chosen to share in Noupoort! It is not something that happens to all addicts. No, Noupoort is something that happens to a select few! No matter how you landed here, whether it is by court, or maybe your parents, grand parents, wives or husbands. It doesn’t matter! What matters is, that you are here. You are sharing in a privilege that only a few people can ever know and have the good fortune to share in.

You are the only one that can make a success of Noupoort. I know it is hectic with the discipline, CI and hard work and I’m sure the food is something all of you complain about. But … it is nothing compared to the dark and desolate world of drugs and addiction. And then … what you are going through now, is nothing compared to the blessings and your bright future waiting at the other side of the fence! It is nothing compared to the love of the people that believe in your abilities, waiting for you to finish this journey. It is nothing compared to the joy you will bring to others when finally you say good bye to Noupoort when you have finished with this program. It is nothing compared to the wonderful gift you will be giving yourself by finishing this program successfully by giving it your all. It is nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you commit to yourself and make an investment in your future by making a success of this hard journey!

Always remember.

You might feel that you are nothing in the world, but for someone you are the world!

Keep your head high and God even higher, and you will reap the wonderful benefit of being the best person that you can be!

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