NCCC Dogteam


The Dog Team

Dog team members undergo a training program, reinforced through informed video footage.
This is done under supervision of Morné, an expert on breeding and handling of pit bulls.
Further training/duties for dog team members consist of the following:

a) Maintenance of dogs
b) Feeding schedules
c) Nutritional input
d) Health concerns
e) Temperament
f) Handling
g) Treatment
h) Supervision of daily dog walk

When talking about “Dog therapy”, this refers to dog team members.
Residents on the dog team have the opportunity to care for something other than themselves.

The dog team members are trained (giving them a sense of accomplishment, to be able to handle these dogs) and are taught to be responsible for animals that are totally dependant on them for their care.

We have also found that residents with withdrawal, insecurity and fear to trust people, can relate better to an animal that accepts them unconditionally.

This is beneficial to the emotional healing process and gives them the confidence to start reaching out to people as well.




Noupoort Christian Care Centre and its surrounding workstations and living spaces require continuous maintenance and running repairs.

The Project leaders, Monitors and residents do all the maintenance work under the guidance of a
staff member.

Residents learn to work as a team, and get to feel good about themselves as a sense of accomplishment is met once they complete various projects. Letting them discover that they can become dependable and reliable individuals.

Residents who have never worked in their lives can learn a new trade; be it plumbing, painting, electrical or general maintenance work.


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