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The Complete Noupoort Programme - 52 Weeks


Upon first arrival at Noupoort the resident is greeted by a Senior Staff member who welcomes the new resident and introduces them to the program. First the resident's person is searched thoroughly for any contraband. This is for the safety of the resident and all other members of our ministry. The resident is then explained the basic rules. These rules will include regulations which include; not walking alone, designated smoking areas, the leadership system, program times etc.

They are then introduced to the "House Father/Mother" who manages the hostel and will see to the needs and well being of the resident. The resident is shown around the building. For the guys it's The Centre and for the ladies, The Ladies House. The resident is shown to their room and explained when and where to be punctual for Roll Call. At the resident's first Role Call, the new arrival is given a warm welcome by the other residents.



After arrival at Noupoort Christian Care Centre, NCCC the new resident is assigned to a one week orientation course by which they are explained the outline and the framework of the NCCC program.

All the rules and regulation applicable are explained in order to provide a safe and developmental recovery. Whilst in orientation the resident will share their life story and begin work on basic Christian principles, beginning important spiritual foundations.

The new residents are encouraged, ministered and uplifted by a staff member assigned to orientation. From here they begin their four-week work on the farm. Here they will work in the fields and with the animals.

This period on the farm is seen as a restoration of strength to the body and similarly to the soul through God's beautiful creation.

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At the end of the orientation phase the resident is assessed by our Social Worker who continually at the end of every month monitors the resident's progress.

Each resident is placed within a 'family' with a Family Parent who works closely with the resident. The Family parent completes a monthly progress report with the resident at the end of every month. The Assessment covers all aspects of the residents recovery, measuring spiritual progress, relationships, commitment to stop smoking and goal setting.

This gives the resident the opportunity to reflect on the month and set dynamic goals to further their recovery in the proceeding months.



The farm owned and run by NCCC is run under the capable hands of the farm manager. The whole farm is operated and managed like a normal farm.

Under his guidance and leadership the farm is the very first project after orientation that the male residents will be part of.

As a resident, you spend your 1st 4 - 5 weeks of your program working on the farm and getting used to a routine.

It is vital in the recovery of the residents to spend time doing physical work and also working in an outdoor environment.


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Residents can live on the farm after a period of time if they show responsibility and a willingness to recover. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the animals on the farm (pigs, sheep, chickens) are fed and well cared for.

The sheep project is one of the larger projects, which involves taking the sheep out each day to an allocated camp on the farm. They are returned to their shed at noon and are counted daily.

We believe the farm is there to serve two purposes: One being to support the centre with what is necessary to feed the residents and the staff. At the moment fruits like grapes, peaches, as well as basic vegetables like cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions are being grown, we intend to grow a larger variety in due time. In addition, expand to a greenhouse / nursery for seedling flowers / vegetables and kitchen herbs.

The second being for spiritual upliftment of the residents, giving them time to see God in nature, thereby allowing to draw closer to Him. At the same time doing physical work to strengthen the body and build up a self worth.


Arts & Crafts

After completing the one week of orientation the female resident will go to Arts & Crafts. Arts and crafts is where the creative skills by the girls are put to the test.

The residents enjoy the bead-work, painting, mosaics, sculpting and various other crafts which they are guided through. Helping residents find their true creative spirit.

The environment is very healing and therapeutic, where the residents can realize their true potential.

Despite the perception that art is an undisciplined activity, its rather proved to be very disciplined, which the residents are taking out onto other projects.



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Dog Team

Our ministry is home to over eighty dogs which are tended to by a dedicated team of residents who share a passion for the dogs.

These residents are safely supervised and trained to work with these dogs.

Every day all the residents are given the opportunity to walk a dog in a structured and supervised 'Dog Walk'. On the walk the residents are encouraged to bond with the dogs and important facet in a resident emotional development.

The walk is also seen as a time of reflection in which the residents pray and reflect on their day. When talking about "Dog therapy", this refers to walking the dogs during dog walk.

We have also found that residents with withdrawal, insecurity and fear to trust people, can relate better to an animal that accepts them unconditionally.

This is beneficial to the emotional healing process and gives them the confidence to start reaching out to people as well.





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 The Railway Institute Restaurant is situated just approximately 350m from the NCCC building, it is owned by the NCCC ministry, and is run by residents on the program.

The restaurant team make an array of different foods, ranging from Pizzas, Pastas, Burgers to Chocolate brownies, and our famous Massive T-Bone Steaks.

We also supply bread to the community at a very low price, doing our bit to help people here get by.

The restaurant caters for the locals of Noupoort, visitors and parents, as well as allowing residents to place take-away orders during lunch to receive at dinner.



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Kitchen TeamKITCHEN

The entire NCCC is catered for by the centre kitchen which is managed and run by enthusiastic and passionate female residents.

The kitchen provides three staple meals a day for all the residents and staff.

The Kitchen is also involved in various community initiatives involving local soup kitchens feeding hundreds of hungry mouths every day. All residents get involved in the cooking of the resident's meals, from the mechanics that ensure our trucks get to and from the market, to the residents who prep the vegetables!


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Maintenance Team

Noupoort Christian Care Centre and its surrounding workstations and living spaces require continuous maintenance and running repairs. The project leaders, monitors and residents do all the maintenance work under the guidance of a staff member.

Residents learn to work as a team, and get to feel good about themselves as a sense of accomplishment is met once they complete various projects. Letting them discover that they can become dependable and reliable individuals. Residents who have never worked in their lives can learn a new trade; be it plumbing, painting, electrical or general maintenance work.


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Our Laundry team is manned by a group of residents who from Monday to Friday ensure that the centre's washing is done.

Situated at Midlandia the laundry is supervised by a Senior Resident who assists and supports the residents involved in this important station.

Midlandia is also where the baking takes place. Here the bread for the centre, the restaurant, the soup kitchen, the locals people and all the other colonies get baked.

(We bake bread, buns and gatsby's here.)



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Daily Routine

Below are a few random pictures taken through the day of routine events...



At NCCC we aim to instill a balanced lifestyle in our residents. As much as we work on spiritual and emotional aspects we also look at recreational and physical aspects.

Weekends (weather and supervision permitting) We have a Sports Day. This involves both the guys and the ladies. We have a beautiful sports field maintained by our Farm Team where we have an array of activities ranging from Soccer and Cricket to Volleyball and Rounders.


On Staff supervision availability we also do hiking trails over weekends.

We also boast our own soccer team, The NCCC Pitbulls who for the first season have done considerably well.

When the residents are off they have the opportunity to watch TV or keep themselves with any of the activities available at that time.



NCCC has its own church fully equipped with a stage and built-in sound system. This was all made possible by a team of dedicated residents through the grace and strength of the Lord. The residents attend church twice during the week.



On Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon where the residents will perform hands-on Christian developmental skills and on Sunday which is a normal weekly service. In church, the residents are encouraged not only to sit and learn but to share their testimonies to encourage the other residents.

Our church has its very own worship team who plays a broad spectrum of praise and worship songs. Our band is actively involved in outreach projects through various communities. The band gets together during the week to practice. The residents form this entire band and are actively involved in the growth and performance of the band.



Correctional Intervention



In order for all resident/students to recover in a positive environment, it is necessary to remove negative elements from the mainstream of the programme. The disciplinary program in CI is to accommodate residents who qualify for expulsion. CI will be separate and isolated from the centre and will have its own dining area and ablution facilities and thus can be run as a totally separate entity.

The level of discipline will be stricter than the centre (e.g. military-style inspections and parades) in order to build team spirit, respect and self-control. On or before arrival at CI, the sponsor/guardian will be informed. In the event of continued non-compliance, we will have no other choice but to expel the resident. While at the disciplinary facility the resident/student is encouraged to submit to the CI rules and complete the specified time. Both counsel and support is given, so that the resident/student can be reintegrated back into the mainstream program.



CIARA Middleton   (click me! )


C.I.A.R.A - Christians In Action Re-integration Academy.

After finishing the first 5 months at NCCC, residents can apply to come to Middleton, they also need to give up smoking cigarettes for at least a month to qualify. Ciara Middleton is completely run by the residents on the program. Ciara offers a relaxed atmosphere yet demanding towards fulfilling the re-integration of residents with society in all aspects. Not only are they taught that life can exist without any form of addiction, but also that sober habits are essential to a healthy work environment.


Senior Resident

After the resident has successfully completed their reintegration phase at CIARA Middleton they are sent to Noupoort to begin a more pivotal role in their recovery as a Senior Resident. The role of a senior resident is, in essence, to give back and be responsible for the guidance and monitoring of residents in the primary phase at Noupoort. The Senior Resident will be assigned to a family under the family parent. They will also meet once a week where they will have an open forum discussion and develop leadership qualities working through various courses and spiritual disciplines.






Trainee Staff

After the Senior Resident has completed His/her first year they are instated as a Training Staff Member. As a training Staff member, they still fulfil their role as a Senior Resident but their responsibility may grow in their workstation environment where they will report directly to the workstation manager. A stipend may be given to a trainee staff member based on merit. The aim of the second year is for them to give back to the residents what they received from the program. This is important for both the new residents and the individual involved in their second year as they will face real-life challenges in a stable and controlled environment.


Certificates of Completion

Residents which have successfully completed the required 52 weeks will all recieve their Merit certificates as a result of successfully completing 20 weeks at Noupoort in the first phase of the program, aswell as successfully completing 20 weeks in CIARA Middleton in the second phase of the program. These residents have then come back to Noupoort to serve as Senior residents, where they set examples and lead the new comers on the program. This being the 3rd phase is then completed after 12 weeks.

Residents then have the opportunity to stay on for another 52 weeks giving back to the residents as working training staff on the program.



Persons completing the second year will be given a Diploma certificate, recieve a qualification of Drug Counselor / Care Giver, aswell as recieving a life time guarantee, that if ever they relapse and need rehabilitation, Noupoort Christian Care Centre will accept them back at no cost..


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