WHAT IS Nyaope / Whoonga?

Nyaope / Whoonga, is sold as a powder that is usually mixed with dagga and smoked. It is predominantly sold in areas along the North and South Coast.
The drug Nyaope / Whoonga is made up of a mixture of low grade heroine and other additives like rat poison. Nyaope / Whoonga is highly addictive and a user can become addicted even after only using it only once. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug are severe body pains, which include severe headaches, stomach pains and muscle spasms. This leads to users taking more of the drug because the heroin provides temporary ‘relief’ from the pain. Hence, users become trapped in a vicious cycle where the Nyaope / Whoonga both causes and (temporarily) ‘relieves’ the agonising pain.


Demystifying Myths around ARV’s

Many believe that Nyaope / Whoonga contains anti-retro-viral drugs (ARVs). This has not been conclusively proven since laboratory results have concluded that the active chemicals in Nyaope / Whoonga are low grade/residual heroine; cocaine and strychnine. If ARV’s are used it is merely to bulk up the product, just like the
drug dealers would use vim (household cleaners); asbestos or any other available chemical or drug.


What is it to 'Bluetooth Nyaope'?

Bluetooth Nyaope is a method of getting high on nyaope by using a syringe to take the blood of someone who’s already high and then injecting that person’s blood into yourself.

You can only imagine how dangerous this is Choma. It’s never advised to use the same needle as someone else, because it transfers your blood to someone else.

HIV is spread through blood transfusion so it becomes more likely that someone will contract HIV if they share needles with someone who is infected with HIV. Once infected blood comes into contact with your blood, the chances of contracting HIV are extremely high. Another huge problem is that because Nyaope is often mixed with anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), people who use the drug develop a resistance to HIV treatment.

Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV is already high among addicts who use needles, so this means that there’s an even higher risk of this being spread.



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