Meet "The Team".    These are the Staff of NCCC.


  • NCCC is the Top South Africa Rehab Treatment Program for Addiction to Alcohol & Drugs; its also the the most affordable too!!
  • NCCC (Noupoort Christian Care Centre) aims to reach people with substance dependency problems and who experience adapting issues to everyday community life. A minimum period of 52 weeks is offered for individuals to gain insight and restore confidence in themselves.
  • Residents 'work' in various projects and workstations where they can spend the time to get back into a working routine and deliver some fruitful results. Every project is headed by a staff member on this page.
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Mr Richard Driver

Joined NCCC at the beginning of 2005. Richard is accountable for the functioning of the accounting operation of NCCC, the maintaining of an adequate system of accounting records and a comprehensive set of controls . His main motivation is to continue to build on the foundation laid by the Founders Pastor Sophos and Gladys Nissiotis and to maintain the standard of service excellence set by them.

The ultimate goal is to help as many addicts as possible in their recovery and assisting to return them to their families to be taken back into the society . Richard would like to share the following words of wisdom: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 One Body Many Parts. There is One body but it has Many parts, but all its many parts make up one Body to function.

Program Manager

Pastor Pia Green


Pastor Pia Green “Our Program Manager” - has been with us for almost 3 years now. Pastor Pia enjoys every facet of this ministry, being able to interact with the residents on both a spiritual and physical level. Her most rewarding times have been to see and be part of how God transforms addicted lives into lives that are made whole again.

Her vision for the NCCC is that God will open more doors for us to reach out and be of assistance to communities and the youth at large and in so doing change the lives of many more hurting, broken and desperate people.

NCCC Pastor

Snr. Past. George Green

George has been with the NCCC for two years & 9 months. His primary role is as a Pastor at NCCC, but he also acts as a Senior Manager, to assist in the smooth running of the NCCC. His passion and motivation are to see every person that passes through this program accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and in so doing overcome their drug addiction.

Pastor George believes that the only way to overcome obstacles in one’s life is to be like Jesus, to have no reputation, to be a servant, to be humble and obedient in all things. He says that; "If we can apply these things in our everyday lives, we can go from being a "nothing" to making a success of our lives".

Pastor George Green


Past. Henry Visser

Pastor Henry was farming in a neighbouring district, he passed the baton to his sons ten and a half years ago, and in answer to the calling of God, he started working at the N.C.C.C. Pastor Henry has a diploma in Pastoral Counselling, and he applies this in his daily work which mainly consists of counselling our NCCC residents. He also oversees the farming sector of NCCC and helps with the orientation phase of the program.

He was ordained as a Pastor of this A2J Ministry 5 years ago at the NCCC's 20th birthday celebration. He leads the service & preaches every second Sunday as well as at the Tuesday & Thursday church group sessions.

Pastor Henry Visser

Marietta Visser

Teacher & Pastoral Councellor - Tannie Maretha started on the NCCC BOARD 5 years prior to working for the NCEC in 2001 & has been part of our ministry fulfilling her God given purpose & passion for people ever since. Tannie Vis is led by the Lord Jesus Christ who called her to offer her services at the school working directly with our youth & since that day she has never looked back, she has learned so much in her time spent within this ministry.

She believes that all who work here are motivated by a first hand experience of the healing of hearts through Jesus Christ; lives being changed, minds having a vision & people able to dream again as they start believing in themselves and trusting the Lord Jesus fully & completely.

Maretha Visser

Admin Manager

Ilze Hatting

Tannie Ilze joined the NCCC in July 2011. She works in the admin block as Admin Manager, assisting in the finance department. Tannie Ilze is a living, walking testimony that with Jesus Christ, ALL things are possible. She has been through many trials and tribulations of her own and can identify with the residents' past problems & current circumstances and help them to believe that God is in full control.

Tannie Ilze lives by the saying; LET GO and LET GOD. Proverbs 16: “ A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord JESUS directs his steps.” - She says she did not always want to be in the situation or the place where she found God had placed her, but she now knows that it was always the right place at the right time.


Ilze Hattingh


Annie Fuzani

This is the friendly face ready to help that would greet you as you walk into the door at our Noupoort Offices. She has been with us since 2012. The Noupoort Office could be contacted / reached on 049 843 1747, Annie will assist you!

Manager CIARA Middleton

Mr Hannes Steyn

Hannes Steyn has been with the ministry for over 8 years and manages our reintegration part of the programme CIARA Middleton. He plays a vital role and he is passionate about what he does and loves all residents. They see him as a true father and mentor figure.

Admissions Manager & House Mother

Esme Goldie

Esme is our House Gladys pillar of strength & House mother, as our Noupoort Admissions Manager. She is the one that helps parents, sponsors, students and residents with their Application Forms.  The passion that Esme shows in her daily work is admirable and she is truly driven by the purpose & power of the Lord Jesus Christ alive and at work in and through her life. (Romans 8:28)

Esme: "Having been on the program myself and now actively working daily as the house mother and on admissions, I encourage anyone struggling with addiction to come to Noupoort as it has changed my life and can certainly change theirs."

( Click here to Contact Esme )

Centre House Father

Clifford de Haast

“After ten years of active substance abuse my parents offered me a final life line. In August 2005 I checked in at Noupoort Christian Care Centre, I was a broken person with no identity, self-worth or any drive to continue with this life. During our first Sunday Church service I became born again and I cannot express how much Jesus Christ changed my life. He healed me from my hurts, habits and hang ups. 2 Cor 5:17 - In Christ we are new Creations, old things have passed new things have come.

The Foundation : Jesus Christ, Daily Routine, Discipline, Behaviour Modification and other aspects of the program with all its challenges was exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction.

Social Worker

Yda Krijgsman

Yda Krijgsman holds a BA Degree in Social Work. She has 5 years experience with addicts in the community and 25 years experience with addicts in Recovery of which 4 years have been spent working with juveniles in conflict with the Law & the last 14 years with the Noupoort Christian Care Centre.

Tannie Yda heads up our Kingdom Kids soup kitchen which was birthed by Pastor Wayne & Tanya Lester who lead our own; Boetie to the Lord in his younger years and he is working for the ministry today at the age of 22 years shining for Jesus. Kingdom kids feeds between 40 & 50 children & has been successfully running for the past 8 years now.

Yda Krijgsman

House Father U18

Kyle Clancy

Kyle is an Excellent all round sportsman and our most Formidable Soccer Player.

Kyle: "I have been here for 7 years in total. I arrived in November 2012 as a resident and now I look after the U18s (Under 18's at School) as the house father, help uncle Richard (the Director) in the day at the office and do the cash ups at RI (Restaurant) in the evening. My motivation is to help the youngster not ruin their lives and make them realise the opportunities they have and get the most out of their lives ahead."

House Father Dog Team

Codie Bezuidenhout

Codie has been actively involved in the ministry more than two years and is now a staff member. Codie heads up our dog team & looks after our family of Pitbulls. Codie is motivated by being an instrument in saving lives and returning broken people back to their loved ones in their original state before drugs took hold of them.

Codie: "All in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. "

Staff Member Maintenance Team

Mr Mark Butler

Mark Butler, is a hard-working man and he is part of our Maintenance team. He assists Oom Sakkie with daily maintenance tasks as an assistant project leader. He is dedicated to his work and in assisting with the recovery of the residents.


N.C.E.C Headmaster

Prof Paul Romanoff

Prof Paul is the founder of the NCEC (Noupoort Christian Education College). His aim is to provide troubled teens the ability to obtain a Matric / Grade 12 Certificate. He has been a mentor and a shoulder to lean on for a great many students here in Noupoort. He himself is a fantastic artist and created a great amount of awesome art works. He is a true inspiration for us all.

N.C.E.C Teacher

Mr. Arrie le Roux

Oom / Uncle Arrie has been a Teacher at the NCEC since 2001. Previously Mr. Le Roux was in the banking business for 34 years and studied through UNISA (Business Studies). He was also Managing the Durban ABSA branch before moving to Noupoort where he is an active sheep farmer at his own nearby farm.

He help shape the lives of all the students that pass through the NCCC school program as their Business Studies Teacher.


N.C.E.C Teacher

Mrs. Preller

Mrs Preller has been a teacher for 42 years of which she was a specialist teacher for 19 years. Mrs Preller finally retired in 2012 and with still so much to contribute towards Education she joined the NCEC in 2013 where she found great joy in making a difference in precious young lives. She teaches Life Orientation and History which her students enjoy tremendously She does her best to live by the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the perfect Teacher.

Antoinette Preller

N.C.E.C Teacher

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Robertson has been teaching at the NCEC for 4 years. Angeline believes that her pupils are deserving of all of her efforts & attention because of their decision to turn away from addiction, pursue an education & stay “clean”. Her Life’s Motto is as quoted by Prof Paul Roumanoff; “Look Forward (ALWAYS), NEVER Look Back!”.

Angeline Robertson

Professional Nurse

Mrs Cynthia Matroos

Mrs Cynthia Matroos is an Enrolled Nurse and has joined NCCC again after some time away. She has a strong passion for working with people and caring for them in a loving way. A verse close to her heart and means a lot to her is Psalm 51:12: "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."

Her motto in life is “to love another one is to see the face of God”





This picture was taken outside the church at the Late-&-Great Pastor Sophos.

Many colleagues, friends, students and family gathered that day to say goodbye...





Pastor Sophos Nissiotis

- 1939-11-19  -to-  2019-05-06 -



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