Rohypnol, that is known world wide as the "Date Rape Drug", holds a very serious threat for the users thereof. It is a drug that is abused more and more especially by teenagers and is found especially at parties and more so at house parties.
Rohypnol's active ingredient, Flunitrazepam, is part of Benzodiazepine types of drugs, which is known world wide for use in various cases of rape. This drug that was recently reclassified as a schedule 6 tablet, and can only be obtained with a prescription and is used as a sleeping tablet.

Rohypnol has various street names of which "Rosshies" is the most popular because of the fact that the producer's name is printed thereon. There are various cases noted in Pretoria and especially in areas such as Laudium, where Rohypnol is obtained by means of forged prescriptions and sold and marketed on street level.



Rohypnol is largely used by crushing it and mixing it with drinks. It can also be taken as a tablet to aggravate the effect of alcohol misuse. In other words, the person will experience a very high level of intoxication.

The danger thereof is that Rohypnol is mixed with a person's drink or cool drink without their knowledge. This especially happens at parties previously mentioned. Girls' drinks usually get spiked with the sole purpose of raping them.


It usually happens that a person that is being raped, realizes that someone is busy having sexual intercourse with her, but that she is not able to do anything to stop it. The next day she cannot remember any details with regards to the raping.

It is clear that Rohypnol at this stage, not just in South Africa but world wide, especially in the USA, holds a serious danger for the safety of especially young ladies. The use of this tablet is growing at an alarming rate and it was the purpose of the legislator to curb the misuse thereof by placing it in a higher schedule than what it originally was.



Because of the random use of this tablet by especially young men at parties, ladies are warned, on a general basis, to make sure they only accept drinks from someone that they know very well and whom they know will not "spike" their drinks or cold drinks.

Ladies are seriously advised not to, under any circumstances, receive a drink at a nightclub that is in an open container, but to rather open the container themselves or to watch the person that is pouring the drink. An open drink should not be left unattended.


What is Rohypnol?

Rohypnol (pronounced: row'hip'noll)
The brand name flunitrazepam and is a sedative milligram for milligram ten times stronger than valium. Similar in size, shape and colour to Aspirin, Rohypnol is easily dissolved in liquids such as juice, coffee and alcoholic beverages.It is odourless, colourless and tasteless The effects of this drug are enhanced when mixed with alcohol, causing sedation, loss of inhibitions, relaxation, amnesia and blackouts. It can also cause respiratory distress, comas and even death. The drug takes effect in 20 minutes and will last between 8 to 24 hours.

Rohypnol's amnesic effects usually leave the victim with little or no memory of the assault.

"I felt like what the hell happened to me? I felt something was wrong, I had bruises from head to toe... and for nine hours, had conversations and interactions I can't recall." ...actual testimony of a Rohypnol rape victim

Rohypnol has been associated with numerous cases of rape in the United States and suspected cases in Canada.

Rohypnol has been unsuspectingly slipped into victims drinks at bars, night clubs and other social events for the purpose of reducing their resistance to sexual advances. Once the individual is incapacitated, they are then sexually assaulted. ****

How can you protect yourself?Don't put your drink down. If your drink is out of sight, even for a few minutes, don't finish it. Get yourself a new one. Don't accept an open drink from anyone. If you order a drink in a bar, make sure you watch the bartender open the bottle or mix your drink. Avoid punch bowls. With Roofies and GHB in circulation, you can't be sure what's in the punch, so think twice before you partake.Make a pact with your friends to watch out for each other, and spread the word about these "date rape drugs" to everyone you know.Rapists have a new weapon. Dosing drinks with date rape drugs like Roofies and GHB can take away your ability to fight back and your memory of what was done to you. When these drugs are mixed with alcohol, the results can be lethal.

If you think you may have been given Roofies or GHB, immediately go to the emergency room and ask for a urine screening test. Though traces of the drug may still appear up to 72 hours after ingestion (depending on dosage, and individual metabolism) the chances of getting proof are best when the sample is obtained quickly. Therefore, in the event that you are sexually assaulted after you were unknowingly given one of these drugs, the results of this test could provide incriminating evidence against your attacker.



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