Rules & Regulations

  1. We bind ourselves to the authority of the Word of God. It will have pre-eminence over every rule.
  2. The Noupoort Christian Care Centre adopts a One Step program based on the scripture verse that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)
  3. Participation in all religious activities, allocated work and tasks assigned to you are compulsory.
  4. On arrival, returning from a weekend or 10 day break all residents as well as belongings will be searched if any illegal substances or contraband are found immediate action will be taken and charges of possession will be laid and the individual will be placed in our CI facility.
  5. No smoking is allowed in enclosed areas. Provision is made in outside area.
  6. No drugs, alcohol or other stimulants are allowed. Possession of any substance will be dealt with in a serious manner and could result in criminal charges and/or instant expulsion.
  7. No swearing, blasphemy or the use of any abusive language will be tolerated.
  8. Pocket money is at the parents / sponsors discretion. No cash will be handed out; only N.C.C.C. Cards will be issued.
  9. No food stuffs, toiletries, cigarettes to be brought with or sent by sponsor in a parcel. They will be confiscated and not returned. An amount of R80.00 is to be paid into the PDH Kopperwerke Account to purchase a minimum amount of toiletries to be available for the resident on arrival. Any toiletries brought in will be confiscated and not returned.
  10. No visitors are allowed for the first 6-8 weeks. Only direct family members will be allowed to visit (no boyfriends, girlfriends or fiancés will be allowed). Bookings must be done through N.C.C.C. and all requests are to be done in writing 10 working days in advance and faxed to Linda Rostron on (049)8431873. It will be at the discretion of the Director whether the visit is granted and you can only stay at designated guest houses. Only clothing will be allowed to be brought in after a week-end visit anything else will be confiscated. Residents that commit any substance-abuse related offences will forfeit any visitation rights until the Director decides otherwise. ( See annexure 6.)
  11. Men are forbidden to visit ladies hostels and vice versa, without management approval.
  12. All luggage to be handed in to the office on day of admission. They will be returned on the day of your discharge.
  13. Only Christian Music and Literature will be permitted. The committee will screen any other literature and tapes. Any items confiscated will be destroyed.
  14. Any articles of clothing that do not comply with the standards of the N.C.C.C. (T-shirts with Satanic symbols, drug related shirts etc.) will be confiscated and destroyed. The dress code is as stipulated by management.
  15. Bring your own bedding and towels. An itemized list must be made of all clothing and articles brought to the centre.All clothing to be marked. Any clothing that goes missing or stolen will not be the responsibility of NCCC. LADIES PLEASE NOTE: No short skirts / dresses, skimpy tops, tight shorts or tight jeans allowed. Long T-shirts and long shorts only. IF YOU INSIST ON BRINGING UNDESIRABLE CLOTHING IT WILL BE CONFISCATED. Only one pair of earrings is allowed to be worn by the ladies. No earrings are permissible for men and no nose, tongue or belly rings allowed. These will be confiscated. We will not be held responsible for any jewellery confiscated.
  16. Electrical appliances are allowed at R100-00 per appliance / month. (No microwaves, TV’s, Fridges).
  17. If a resident is on medical aid please submit details on arrival. R2000-00 must be paid into the PDH Kopperwerke account to cover all medical and dental emergencies regardless if Resident/Student is on medical aid or not. R30.00/month is deducted from pocket money for the Recreation Club (e.g. DSTV, Sport Activities, Equipment etc)
  18. No resident is allowed to leave Noupoort without permission from the directorship of NCCC.
  19. No impulsive or sudden decisions are allowed.
  20. All bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and gardens must be kept clean and tidy.
  21. All medication to be handed in on arrival and recorded.
  22. “NO REHAB ROMANCES” are permitted. Any romantic involvement will be dealt with and could lead to instant expulsion.
  23. No resident is allowed to walk alone.
  24. You may walk in groups of three with a Senior Resident if approved by Management.
  25. All meals are compulsory.
  26. No resident is allowed to visit the Post Office, Bank, Shops or Chemist, All post, parcels, money, prescriptions will be collected for you.
  27. Residents who disobey any of the above rules will appear before a disciplinary committee, where certain correctional measures including punitive punishment (fines) may be imposed, which the sponsor/resident hereby authorize NCCC to deduct from any pocket money held on behalf of the resident.
  28. Random drug testing will be carried out regularly and the costs thereof to be paid out of medical funds.
  29. A New King James Bible, A4 Exercise book and a file to be brought with on arrival.
  30. No personal faxes and E-mails to be sent to Resident/Students without prior arrangement. Resident/Students can correspond via letters only and all correspondence incoming and outgoing is censored. No phone calls are allowed for the first 4 weeks.
  31. Sponsor / Parent can phone once a week to see how the Resident/Student is progressing. They can contact Sakkie Hattingh in connection with male residents, Contact Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays between 18h00 & 20h00 on (049)843 1747. For female Residents / Students Maretha Visser / Maria Venter can be contacted between 18h00 and 20h00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays on (049)843 1345.
  32. A 10 day holiday will only be given after the resident has completed the 2nd phase of the program. Request to be submitted in writing 14 working days before the holiday. Only once approval has been give from NCCC can the tickets be booked.
  33. We will not be held responsible for the safe return of any possessions left behind and only sponsors can request for clothing to be released if resident/student absconds, is expelled or leaves, “for any reason whatsoever” before completing the program. Belongings must be collected within 30 days. The responsibility lies with the resident / sponsor to arrange collection. Failing this the clothing will be distributed to the poor. Sponsorship fees will be forfeited should the resident leave the program before completion.
  34. Should the resident/student abscond, leave for any reason whatsoever or is expelled, re-admittance will have to be considered by the directorship/management of NCCC and can be refused depending on the circumstances.
  35. I agree and place myself in the protective custody of the Noupoort Christian Care Centre. I am a chronic substance abuser and appeal to the above Centre to use whatever measures they deem fit to apprehend me from absconding / leaving from the said Centre for the next 52 weeks or longer because I am afraid that should I leave the Centre before the set time I will die.





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