Matric Class of 2020!!

Results:   100% pass rate

Distinctions:   8 (Maths, Tourism, Art, Life Orientation and Afrikaans)

We are so blessed with these Matric results.

Throughout the Lockdown these teachers managed to prepare the matrics online and from home!  Difficult as it was in a Rehabilitation Centre the pupils had to be motivated by the Educators from their homes!   The personal attention they received at NCEC was the key to a successful final examination.

Look at our Grade 12 (2019) Students:  98% Pass Rate !!


"Most of them were expelled from at least 4 schools, but now 98% of them attained a Matric with 12 distinctions amongst them!

Thank you to my teacher's, Thank you God, Thank you Students!"


N.C.E.C Headmaster
Prof Paul Romanoff




Letter to NCEC School from NCCC CEO


In the below letter NCCC CEO Mr Richard Driver congratulates the school, staff and students on a job well done!

Our students achieved several distinctions:

- Afrikaans (1)
- Tourism  (3)
- Maths (4)
- Art (2)
- Life Orientation (5)


School Pass Rate

The N.C.E.C has had quite a bit of media coverage due to our 100% Pass rate, this page is dedicated to some newspaper clippings and audio streams that have been mentioned in the public.


Al die Noupoort Matrieks SLAAG !!



Die Noupoort- Christelike Sorgsentrum, waar dwelmverslaafdes gerehabiliteer word, het gister
buitengewone rede gehad om die bors uit te stoot oor hul matriekuitslae.
Dié Noord-Kaapse sentrum se 21 matrieks het almal geslaag en boonop het hulle 17
vakonderskeidings behaal.
Prof. Paul Rouma-noff, hoof van die sentrum se skool, sê baie van hul leerlinge is uit drie, vier,
selfs vyf skole geskop voordat hulle by Noupoort beland het.
Hul skoolwerk is volgens hom deel van hul rehabilitasieprogram.
Hy is baie bly oor hul prestasies, het Roumanoff gesê. Die meeste van hul matrieks het nooit
enigiets bereik voordat hulle Noupoort toe gekom het nie. – Neels Jackson

Radio Sonder Grense

Transcript of Radio Interview – Radio Sonder Grense – Programme: Spectrum – between Lukie Carelson and Velda Jansen

The controversial Noupoort Christian Care Centre in the Northern Cape had a 100% Matric pass
rate for the second year running! A correspondent of the centre, Lukie Carelsen says that
their success recipe is due to the Biblical principles and Christian morals that are applied at
the NCCC.

This year again we had a 100% pass-rate for Matrics.

There are also 17 distinctions amongst these 21 students! And what makes this
accomplishment even more remarkable is the fact that these kids’ priority is not to get a school
education, their number 1 priority is to be healed from and to be helped with their drug addiction.

Most of these kids were expelled from the schools they used to attend. They would never have
been able to finish their school education if it wasn’t for this opportunity that they got now.
Velda Jansen: Lukie, you say that this centre has a school. Is it a primary school as
well as a secondary school?

Lukie: No, it is only for Grade 10’s and Grade 12’s. One also has to take in
account that a lot of these pupils that passed Matric now did Grade 11 and Grade 12 in one
year which makes this even more remarkable. This is actually fantastic if you take in
account that these pupils got to NCCC, you will be aware of what drug addiction does,
they have no hope and lost all dignity. Some of the girls were prostitutes, they lived on the
streets and lived out of rubbish bins. They get there and they are given hope and back
their dignity and they walk out of the centre at the end of the year, not only saved and set
free from the evil of drugs, clean from drugs but also with a Matric certificate in hand.

Noupoort is a drug rehabilitation centre that has been up and running for the last 17 years
and as you know had some controversial issues where the government tried on a few
occasions to close down the centre and each time we got a court order to prevent this.

We have a 76% success rate in the cure of addiction to drugs for residents that complete
the program and is the only rehabilitation centre in the country that has a school. As you know
children today start experimenting with drugs at a very young age, sometimes from 8 or 9
years old and is a huge problem that we are burdened with in this country.

Velda: What is your success recipe? How did you manage to get it right?
Lukie: The recipe that we follow is simply Biblical principles. It is a Christian Care
Centre and the residents are treated with the Bible as the highest priority, as the guideline of
the treatment and there are even professional people involved. Short answer is that the Bible
gives one hope. God is a God that gives you a second chance and even a third chance
and this is actually the core of the treatment program and that the Bible says: “I can do all
things through Christ that strengthens me”. Every person is responsible for their own actions,
so they are taught that nothing in life comes for free and the residents are taught discipline,
very strict discipline. You cannot remove the Matric results from the recipe that gets followed
with the drug addiction, they go hand in hand.

That was a correspondent of the Noupoort Christian Care Centre in the Northern Cape,
Lukie Carelsen and Velda Jansen spoke to him.


Eye Witness News

Rehab centre’s patients pass with flying colours
Tshepo Lesole

"Between the 21 students that passed matric they got 17 distinctions amongst them. Distinctions in
Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, you name it they’ve got it."
The Noupoort Christian Rehabilitation Centre has announced that 21 addicts on its programme have
successfully passed matric.


The centre which concurrently provides a rehabilitation facility and a school on its premises in the
Northern Cape said the learners accumulated 17 A’s collectively.

The centre’s management said some pupils had passed Grade 10 and 11, adding that more
learners would write matric next year.

The centre’s Luki Carelse said, “Between the 21 students that passed matric they got 17
distinctions amongst them. Distinctions in Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, you name it they’ve got it.”






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